More FM host Flynny's emotional response to 'heartless' texts about poor parents

More FM host Paul 'Flynny' Flynn has delivered a moving message after two listeners texted in telling parents to "stop whining" about the costs associated with having children. 

Flynny and his co-host Jay-Jay Feeney were discussing the financial problems many parents face this time of year around the Christmas holidays and back to school costs. 

During the news break, Flynny became "enraged" by some of the listener feedback the show received, and felt compelled to address the texts on air. 

"No one forces people to have children," one of the messages read. 

"Stop whining about the costs associated with kids." 

"Everyone knows how expensive it is to have children," said another. 

"Is it not as simple as not having kids if you can't manage to afford to give them what they need?" 

Flynny told listeners that seeing those texts made him "instantly angry", so he quickly penned a response while the news played. 

"Children are a gift, a blessing and bring unparalleled levels of joy to our lives," he began. 

"Before we have them, yeah, we understand it's going to be expensive, and it's our responsibility to provide them with what they need to live and grow." 

The father-of-four said that over time, things often got more expensive for parents, and that life with housing, education and electronic devices now is more expensive in general. 

"Judging parents because we're sharing our collective struggles is quite heartless and to be honest, really unhelpful," he said. 

"Sharing your hardships and problems and seeing that others are also in the same boat is helpful, and healing, and helps us to feel normal," he concluded.

"That's what I think."