More footage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle trying to get voiceover work at Disney's Lion King premiere

More footage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle touting their voiceover skills at last's year's premiere of Disney's The Lion King has been doing the rounds. 

Last week, a clip of Harry propositioning Disney CEO Bob Iger about Meghan's voiceover talents at the event last year went viral, but it appears Harry's job-hunting didn't stop there. 

In another video, shortly after their conversation with Iger, Harry and Meghan tell Lion King director Jon Favreau about their interest in lending their voices to a Disney project. 

"If anyone needs any extra voiceover work… we'll make ourselves available," Harry tells Favreau. 

"That's really why we're here - to pitch!" Meghan adds, laughing. 

"Just not Scar," Harry continues. "It's a no to Scar."  

The videos follow reports that Meghan, in fact, did go on to sign a deal with Disney after the July event, with profits from her voiceover gig to go to the Elephants Without Borders charity. 

Furthermore, over the weekend, Netflix's Chief Content Officer said the streaming giant would be interested in working with Harry and Meghan on a production deal.

"Who wouldn't be interested?" Netflix's Ted Sarandos said, according to The Guardian. 

"Yes, sure." 

After a tense period of negotiations within the royal family following the Sussex's bombshell announcement, the Queen released a statement on the weekend clarifying the couple's future. 

Harry and Meghan will no longer hold their 'Royal Highness' titles, and are not allowed to formally represent the Queen. 

In a bombshell speech about the situation, Harry said he felt there was "no other option" but for he and Meghan to step back from the royal family.