Olivia Newton-John opens up about the fight with cancer, says her tumours are shrinking

Olivia Newton-John in 2019.
Olivia Newton-John in 2019. Photo credit: Getty

Olivia Newton-John says the tumours caused by her stage-four breast cancer are shrinking.

Speaking to The Herald Sun over the weekend the 71-year-old star said the news is "so incredible".

"My tumours are receding or they're going away or they're staying the same on a stage four metastatic breast cancer - that's pretty amazing,"

The Grease star says medicinal cannabis helped with her pain when her cancer spread to her back. 

"I'd love patients in Australia to have the capability of getting it when they need it,'' Newton-John said.

She confirmed the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Research Centre in Melbourne will trial the use of medicinal cannabis later this year. 

Newton-John was diagnosed with her third bout of cancer in 2017 after entering remission in 1992 and 2013.

In August 2019 she revealed she was using cannabis to cope with her diagnosis.

She said before using cannabis, she suffered through "months and months of excruciating, sleep-depriving, crying out loud pain".

She told 60 Minutes she was placed on morphine to cope with a broken sacrum.

"I was terrified of starting it because I know it's a hard thing to wean off, but I am now off it and I weaned myself off it with cannabis."