Piers Morgan clashes with a journalist in fiery debate over racism against Meghan Markle

British broadcaster Piers Morgan has clashed with a journalist in a fiery debate over whether Meghan Markle was pushed out of the royal family due to her race.

Afua Hirsch wrote a column in The New York Times last week arguing Prince Harry and Meghan's decision to step down as senior royals wasn't surprising as she believed Britain had a problem with racism. 

She said it was always going to be difficult for Meghan - a woman of African-American heritage - to fit in. 

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Hirsch said there were several "racialised" narratives created about Meghan, from her upbringing in areas of Los Angeles associated with gang violence, to her "exotic DNA".

Morgan, however, hit back saying the media wrote about her upbringing as it was interesting, just as it would have been if she was born in "Mongolia". He said Meghan's DNA was exotic by royal standards and it wasn't surprising the media was interested in a mixed-raced woman joining the royal family. 

"I would argue Camilla Parker-Bowles, Princess Diana and Fergie all got 10-times worst coverage in the media," Morgan said. He said the media had just recently left Prince Harry and Meghan alone while they were on their six-week Canada holiday.

He asked whether Hirsch believed he was racist, to which she said: "The narratives you are perpetuating, yes they are racist. Where have you been racist? I came on here to discuss debates, but you take the position on the side of racism".

Morgan told her she had to prove that and Hirsch asked him for his opinion on Britain's legacy of colonisation.

"I think a lot of it was deeply flawed and a lot of it was good. Like most people. Why am I a racist?" he said.

Hirsch replied: "We have inherited a very racialised history. Either you are committed to trying to dismantle and change that history of racism, or you are part of it.

"The media has wholeheartedly thrown itself, not all the media but sections of it, especially bits that you work for Piers, wholeheartedly thrown itself behind continuing that project of demonising people of colour."

The debate came as Prince Harry, Prince William, and Prince Charles met with Queen Elizabeth to discuss the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's future in the royal family.

A statement on Tuesday from the Queen confirmed the pair would stand down as full-time royal members and split their time between the UK and Canada.

There have long been concerns that Meghan's heritage may be fuelling animosity towards her. Last year her friend Jameela Jamil said the press disliked Meghan due to her skin colour. 

"Dear England and English press, just say you hate her because she’s black, and him for marrying a black woman and be done with it God dammit. Your bullying is so embarrassing and obvious. You’ve all lost your marbles. It’s 2019. Grow up."