Queen furious millions spent on Prince Harry, Meghan's Frogmore Cottage before they desert it for Canada - report

Queen Elizabeth is said to be furious the taxpayer spent millions on Prince Harry and Meghan's cottage only for the renegade pair to desert it for Canada.

More than a week since Harry and Meghan announced they would step back from senior royal duties, become financially independent, and split their time between North America and the United Kingdom, the fallout continues.

According to sources cited by The Sun, the Queen is "privately unhappy" that NZ$4.7 million was spent in 2019 renovating the pair's Frogmore Cottage - located in Winsor, England - only for Harry and Meghan to turn their backs on it less than a year later. The pair had been living there rent-free with their son and the renovations were paid for by the taxpayer. 

Following the announcement from Harry and Meghan, the Queen gave in to their demands and reluctantly said she would allow them to spend time in Canada and live a more independent life. 

However, even before that, Meghan fled from her UK royal life across the pond. Prince Harry is likely to travel to Canada in the coming days. The pair are reportedly looking at a NZ$41 million manor on west Vancouver's waterfront.

While the pair say they will still spend some time in the UK, something the Queen also expects of them, sources doubt Meghan will ever return in a "meaningful way".

Queen furious millions spent on Prince Harry, Meghan's Frogmore Cottage before they desert it for Canada - report
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Not using the Frogmore Cottage fulltime means several workers will have to be taken off its staffing roster. According to The Daily Mail, other staff who work on an "ad hoc basis" have been told their "services are no longer required" at Frogmore. 

"This has all come as a bit of shock. They took great pride in working for them and being at Frogmore."

However, other sources speaking to CNN and Insider say this isn't something that should be read too far into. They say staff are often "redeployed" in "quiet periods". 

On Thursday, Prince Harry appeared in his first official appearance since Megxit began. His Instagram story featured the song 'This is the One' by The Stone Roses. Notably, that song includes the lyrics "I'd like to leave the country" and "burn the town where I was born".

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