Review: A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood filled with love and kindness

An Oscar-nominated performance from Tom Hanks has arrived in Kiwi cinemas just in time for the office sweepstakes.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood is based on the true story of one of America's most beloved TV hosts.

For the record one more time; Tom Hanks is an international treasure.

This latest outing sees him showcasing one of America's most treasured children's television hosts. His name is Fred Rogers and the film is called A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood.

Stating the obvious for a moment, New Zealand audiences are unlikely to have the same connectivity off the bat to Rogers, as this show was a staple for American families but not so much here.

So it's up to Hanks and his team to bring us into his world regardless, and this they mostly do.

His story is told through the prism of his relationship with jaded journalist Lloyd Vogel, enraged when his editor instructs him to do a "fluff piece" - as Vogel calls it on Rogers.

Notebook in hand, he's determined to peel back the happy feel-good layers of Rogers in the desperate hope of finding a monster inside.

But the Rogers we come to know through Hanks is essentially one of the kindest human beings you could ever find.

So kind that just like Vogel we don't believe he's real. And like a fairytale, it's the journey which enlightens us.

As an emotional experience - despite the Hanks factor - I found the notes of the narrative a tad too pedestrian. However, the kindness and the love woven into the DNA and the delivery are just what we all need to kick off a new year.

Three-and-a-half stars.