Stefan Molyneux mocked over desperate plea that he'll struggle to find a job

  • 14/01/2020

Online provocateur Stefan Molyneux is being ridiculed for complaining he won't be able to find regular employment after saying provocative things online.

The far-right Canadian broadcaster is notorious for propagating debunked pseudo-science about non-white people being genetically inferior, along with making countless comments considered Islamophobic, misogynistic and transphobic.

Molyneux, who famously had a paid public speaking event in Auckland cancelled in 2018, claims to have had his revenue streams reduced over the last few years and is now complaining to followers about his lack of employability.

"There is no place for me to go from here," Molyneux states in his latest Youtube video.

"What am I gonna go and get a job back in the corporate world? One search and it would be functionally impossible."

In the solemn video, he also begs viewers for money and complains about being "literally painted into a corner by the red of communism and incipient bloodshed".

Twitter user Matthew Dimitri posted a clip of Molyneux's video and printed his quote about poor job prospects, triggering dozens of jesting responses.

"My rampant racism has somehow made me unhireable," one reply stated.

"Time to pull up those bootstraps we are always hearing about," added another.

One Twitter user suggested Molyneux was suffering from "the Left's nefarious plan of letting me say horrible stuff and have people look it up". 

Stefan Molyneux mocked over desperate plea that he'll struggle to find a job.
Photo credit: Twitter

Many replies simply use gifs to illustrate amusement.

It's not the first time Molyneux has made a desperate plea to his fans for cash while warning of extremely dire consequences if he loses revenue - but the latest is perhaps the most extreme example yet.

"My friends, I need your help," Molyneux says in the new video.

"This is the year of make or break for liberty. This is where the fork in the road goes up to the mountaintops of human freedom, or down into a living hell that we saw all too often in the 20th century."

"Please, commit yourself to freedom... please, please, if you could help me out, I'm on bended knee and desperately need your help," he adds, before telling viewers how they can donate money to him.

At the time of publishing, Molyneux's YouTube video, entitled '2020: The Year We MUST Win - or Lose Everything!', has around 40,000 views since being published on Sunday.