'Stop this behaviour': Jay-Jay Feeney fires up at 'thirsty' women messaging her boyfriend Minou

Jay-Jay Feeney has delivered a fierce message to women she says have been messaging her boyfriend Minou in an attempt to woo him.  

The More FM host said she was "disappointed" to discover many women breaking the "girl code" by sliding into her Algerian beau's DMs on Instagram. 

"There are unspoken rules, all sorts of them," Jay-Jay said. 

"One of them is: Don't steal someone else's man. Don't even try." 

The 45-year-old broadcaster said that her 28-year-old boyfriend had shown her screenshots of messages from "thirsty girls", which included one twerking in her underwear. 

"Everyone knows he's my boyfriend, everyone knows he's taken. But these girls have the nerve to insult me, to him. 

"I can't believe this is happening. Taken men are out of bounds. Especially mine." 

Jay-Jay suspected some of the propositions were born out of jealousy after she documented her summer holiday with Minou on social media. 

"If people look happy together, some people can't handle it," she said. 

The intercontinental couple received backlash from commenters online, some of whom suspected Minou was a scammer or that the relationship was a publicity stunt. 

Jay-Jay addressed the allegations at the time with several clips of the couple kissing and showing public displays of affection. 

On Wednesday, she had a message for any woman attempting to proposition Minou online. 

"Stop this behaviour. Minou is not interested in you," she said. 

"You're too young for him, for starters - he likes the older ladies - and he likes his women to be loyal and trustworthy and genuine, and full of personality. 

"You might not like me, but he does. I had to go all the way to Algeria to find him, you can go in the other direction and find yours." 

Minou has since returned to Algeria after Jay-Jay took him on a whirlwind tour of New Zealand over the summer. The radio host told her followers she wasn't sure when she would next see him, but was positive about the couple's future.