Taylor Swift grapples with life in the spotlight in trailer for Miss Americana documentary

Taylor Swift has given fans a candid look at her life as one of the biggest pop stars in the world in a much-anticipated documentary. 

The first trailer for Miss America begins with Swift preparing backstage at one of her shows, seemingly listing off some of the issues she worries about when performing. 

"I'm just going to go have fun, no one that I know of in the audience actively hates me, [I'm going to] not have dead face," she says to her entourage. 

The 30-year-old singer also talks about the expectations put on her by record executives throughout her career. 

"[They told me:] 'A nice girl doesn't force their opinions on people, a nice girl smiles and waves and says 'thank you'." 

Swift said she felt forced to "become the person everyone wanted her to be", which included a long stint out of the public eye. 

"Nobody physically saw me for a year, and that was what I thought they wanted," she said. 

The documentary also documents Swift's decision to break her silence on politics, which happened in 2018 when she urged her 112 million Instagram followers to vote for Democratic candidates in the US midterm elections. 

"I need to be on the right side of history," she says as cameras roll. 

"I feel really good about not feeling muzzled anymore, and it was my own doing," she adds later. 

"It feels f**king awesome." 

Swift's Netflix Original documentary will be out on the streaming service on January 31, and will also appear in some cinemas.