The Edge host Dom Harvey explains series of bizarre Instagram posts

The Edge radio host Dom Harvey has given an explanation for a series of out-of-character Instagram posts that fooled many of his followers. 

Among Harvey's latest strange uploads was an announcement he'd be appearing on Dancing With The Stars NZ, an ode to his co-host Megan Annear and an influx of shirtless pictures. 

In one particularly bizarre post, Harvey appeared to be endorsing an electric stair lift for elderly people, including a personalised discount code. 

Harvey explained that his co-hosts Annear and Clinton Randell had staged an "Instavention", taking control of his social media following claims he posted about running too often. 

The broadcaster's gushing post about Annear caused a particular stir when he seemingly called her his "favourite leading lady in his radio career" prompting a terse "ahem" from his ex-wife and former co-host Jay-Jay Feeney. 

"I am back in control now so I can tell you I am NOT going on Dancing with the stars," Harvey wrote.

"I would never post a montage of topless photos. I am not endorsing stair lifts for the elderly. 

"Meg Annear is one of the greatest women I have worked with... but I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing women so would never ever rank them," he added. 

Harvey's former partner piped up in the comments section once again, writing: "Go on... rank them", followed by a laughing emoji. 

Harvey assured his fans he would be back to posting his normal running-related content soon enough.