Thomas Markle hopes Archie has his nose so Meghan is constantly reminded of him

Royal renegade Meghan Markle's father, Thomas, hopes grandson Archie has his nose so when the Duke and Duchess look at their child they're reminded of him.

The 75-year-old American, who is estranged from his royal daughter and her husband, Prince Harry, opened up about his life in a new Channel 5 documentary Thomas Markle: My Story.

There has long been a rift between Meghan and other members of her family, with scandal after scandal before and since she married into the British royal family. 

Thomas told Channel 5 that he hopes when Meghan sees her son that she thinks of her father.

"He's going to have his father's hair, I hope he has my nose because then every time they see Archie they're going to see me."

Back when the royal couple first introduced Archie to the world, they were asked if the child took after anyone, to which Harry said his looks were changing every single day.

Thomas hasn't been in contact with Meghan since before she was married in 2018 and the only images he has seen of Archie are those released to media.

"First time I saw pictures is when Harry carried him outside for the first time. I saw this much of Archie, just that much of Archie. He's a cute little kid,"

In the documentary, the father says he hopes to one day meet his grandson, but doubts that will happen. He also revealed he only found out about Meghan being pregnant when it was announced on the radio. 

Also in the 90-minute documentary, Thomas said Meghan owed him and it was "time to look after daddy". 

"At this point, they owe me. The royals owe me. Harry owes me, Meghan owes me. What I've been through I should be rewarded for. My daughter told me that when I reach my senior years she'll take care of me. I'm in my senior years now…. It's time to look after daddy."

The film's release comes only weeks after Harry and Meghan decided to step back as senior royals, become financially independent and split their time between North America and the UK.

It's had mixed reviews on social media, with many critical of Thomas for continuing to speak out about his daughter, but others saying he has a right to have a voice.

"That Thomas Markle film is just tragic. I think he is manipulative, with a vindictive streak, but he is also in mourning, for a lost relationship with a beloved daughter. The pity is, it wouldn't have taken much to keep him on side if effort had been made on day one by royals," said one person.

"My review of Thomas Markle's doco: A bewildered man who's heart is broken," said another.

"I watched the Thomas Markle documentary last night and found the whole thing agonising. Can't help feeling that he's being played and manipulated. Not sure he's terribly bright, and it really does sound like the royal family left him out in the cold," added a third.

"No one with a shred of decency would treat their dad the way he's been treated."