TVNZ presenter Hayley Holt announces she's pregnant on live TV

Kiwi TV personality Haley Holt has announced she is pregnant with her first child. 

The Breakfast host shared the news live on air on Wednesday morning, after reading out an email from a viewer who suspected they might have missed a big announcement. 

"Is Hayley pregnant? Or is it just today's outfit?" the message from a fan called Terry read. 

"Her bust and belly look quite full." 

Holt replied by joking that she was "terribly offended" and would have been angry - if it weren't in fact true. 

"Yes, Terry, I am pregnant!" 

Holt said at 39 years old she had been beginning to fear she wouldn't be able to become a parent. 

"I'm so happy because I wanted this for a very, very, very long time and I thought my time was running out and it hasn't." 

Holt received congratulations from her co-host John Campbell, who told her: "You're going to be fantastic". 

"What more can a baby hope for in life, than to be as wanted as that baby is?" Campbell added.