Video shows Yungblud leading crowd in obscene anti-Scott Morrison chant

British musician Yungblud has added his voice to the multitude of those angry at Australian prime minister Scott Morrison.

Video posted online on Friday taken at a recent concert in Melbourne shows the singer/songwriter leading the crowd in chanting "f**k sco mo".

The obscene chant is being called a response to what many consider to be the Morrison's failure to adequately deal with devastating bushfires ravaging the country.

More than 140 fires continue to burn across New South Wales, with more than 50 also burning across Victoria. At least 20 people are believed to have died in the blazes, with that number expected to rise.

Many have expressed frustration over how Morrison and his government have dealt with the catastrophe, with Yungblud just the latest to publicly express dissatisfaction.

The musician was performing at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne when he led the crowd in the animated chant, according to MusicFeeds.

In tweeting out footage of the performance himself, Yungblud captioned the video: "Dear, Mr Scott Morrison".

Warning: Embedded tweet contains language some people may find offensive.

His performance came after the the Lorne leg of the Falls Festival was cancelled due to the threat of bushfires in the region.

After the cancellation, Yungblud and other acts played a number of fundraising gigs to raise money for firefighters battling the blazes.

It's not the first video to emerge showing people criticising the prime minister with colourful language.

On Thursday, residents in the town of Cobargo in NSW unleashed a litany of abuse on him as he paid a visit to locals and emergency workers.

"You're an idiot mate. You really are," one person said.

Another called him a "c**t", while yet another said: "You're not welcome you f***wit".

Morrison was also sharply criticised for going on holiday to Hawaii while the fires continued to rage. 

Eventually he cut his vacation short and apologised for the trip.