Why Mark Richardson's eyes were so bloodshot on The AM Show

When people turn up to work with bloodshot eyes, one would assume it's due to lack of sleep or the aftermath of smoking Northland's finest ganja.

Not for The AM Show sports reader Mark Richardson. On Thursday's programme, he revealed why his peepers looked so red after much feedback from worried fans.

"I had an afternoon off yesterday [Wednesday] and I went up north and I pretty much surfed all afternoon and into the early evening," he said. "This is what it does - salt water's pretty harsh on your eyes."

Newsreader Amanda Gillies suggested the red represented a bit of "Labour loving".

"This is just a little snapshot of how life's going to look if we vote yes at the next election," Richardson said, referring to this year's cannabis referendum. 

"I'm actually sunburned as well - naughty."

Richardson said he had requested eye drops from the show's makeup artist on Thursday morning.

"There was none. There was none in the building."