Yellow Wiggle Greg Page suffers cardiac arrest during Australian bushfire relief concert

The original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, is recovering in hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest during a bushfire relief concert in Castle Hill RSL Club, Sydney.

The original Wiggles line-up reformed on Friday to perform a concert, with proceeds donated towards bushfire relief.

The group were performing 'Hot Potato' when the incident occured.

"Thanks for coming to support all those wonderful people doing all that great work for everyone," said 48-year-old Page, before walking off the stage and collapsing. Page was a founding member of the group, and last performed with the band in 2013.

Returning red Wiggle Murray Cook is then filmed telling the crowd, "Guys I think we're going to end it there, Greg's not feeling very well."

The rest of the group continue to sing 'Hot Potato' as people are seen running across the stage to help Page. 

"As has been reported, our friend Greg Page suffered a cardiac arrest at the end of the bushfire relief performance and was taken to hospital," The Wiggles posted on their Twitter account. 

"He has had a procedure and is now recovering in hospital. We appreciate your kind messages and concern."

The concert united old and new fans, with many concerned followers posting on social media. 

"No, I'm gonna cry," posted one person.

Another said, "The yellow wiggles man did NOT DESERVE TO COLLAPSE in cardiac arrest RIGHT before singing Hot Potato at the BUSHFIRE RELIEF CONCERT like really the poor man."

The Wiggles formed in 1991. Anthony Field - the blue Wiggle - is the last remaining original member still performing with the band. Page was replaced by Emma Watkins, the group's first female member.