Alan Henderson, man behind the iconic TV character 'Thingee' has died

The man behind one of the most iconic characters in New Zealand television, has died.

Alan Henderson was a cameraman in the television industry for decades, but Aotearoa knew him as Thingee.

Henderson was the voice of Thingee since he first appeared on our screens in the early 1990s alongside Jason Gunn.

His full-time job was working as a producer for Sky Sports on large sporting events including the Black Caps.

Sky Sports confirmed the news in a Facebook post on Saturday. 

Earlier this month, lifetime friend Jason Gunn appeared on The Project and spoke briefly about Henderson and his health battle.

An emotional Gunn held back tears as he spoke of his friend.

"He has prostate cancer, and he's not well," Gunn said.

"So when people say, 'where's Thingee?', I go 'well, he's having some quiet time'."

Former children's television star Matt Gibb tweeted about Henderson's death.

"Grateful to have known Al, one of the loveliest men you could have the pleasure of meeting.  Never got tired of having Thingee’s voice in my ear when he was in the director's seat. Rest in Love mate." Gibb said. 

Television producer Ric Salizzo also shared his sadness online.

"Always loved an Adventure with the great Alan Henderson . Cameraman Director Producer Thingeee and occasional partner in crime . Life doesn’t always makes sense . He’ll be so missed by many ."



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