Canadian virtuoso Angela Hewitt's $300,000 piano dropped, destroyed by specialist removers

One of the world's most rare pianos will no longer be making noise after it was dropped and destroyed by specialist movers.

It belonged to one of the world's top classical pianists - Canada's Angela Hewitt. She says it happened after one of her most recent recording sessions in Germany.

Hewitt wrote on Facebook that after recording, the piano movers entered the control room to tell her they'd dropped her "precious" Fazioli piano.

"I happened 10 days ago, and has been such a shock to me that I didn't immediately want to share it with the world," Hewitt said on Monday.

The 61-year-old's piano was reportedly worth more than NZ$300,000. She said since 2003, it had been used for all of her European CD recordings. 

Hewitt wrote that this had never happened in her 35 years of being a pianist.

"I couldn't believe it," she said on Facebook.

She'll now have to turn her interest to another Fazioli piano, saying she'll be choosing a new one.

"This will take some months, I imagine," Hewitt said.