Chris Brown really just got a shoe tattooed on his face

Just when you thought this year couldn't get any more '2020', Chris Brown has gone and gotten a basketball sneaker tattooed on his face. 

That's right, the personification of modern culture and sophistication has debuted a delicately inked Nike Air Jordan 3 on his right cheek. 

The latest addition to Brown's considerable collection of body art was made by celebrity tattoo artist Joaquin Lopez, aka Ganga. 

Previously, Brown enlisted Ganga to tattoo Darth Vader's visage on his stomach; but this time it appears he was looking for a less subtle canvas. 

Surprisingly, it's not the singer's first above-the-neck tatt. The Air Jordan joins a gallery of masterpieces including a portrait of Mortal Kombat character Sub-Zero on the back of his skull, which flanks images of Venus De Milo and a big old bull. 

The sneaker dangles from a black Pyramid logo by Brown's ear. Over on the other side of his neck, he has a wolf's head wearing the headdress of a Native American chief.  

In some of his inimitable lyrics, Brown laments: "these hoes ain't loyal"; but it's clear that when it comes to his love of Air Jordans, the man himself undoubtedly is.