Ex-partner of Lady Gaga's new boyfriend shares the moment she learned of relationship

The ex-partner of Lady Gaga's new boyfriend Michael Polanksy has shared how she reacted the moment she found out who her former boyfriend was dating. 

Lindsay Crouse, an opinion editor at the New York Times, said she was "eating grapes at her desk on a recent Monday morning" when her phone started buzzing. 

"It was an emergency: My ex-boyfriend, I learned, had a new girlfriend. Lady Gaga."

Crouse and Polansky dated in college and stayed together for seven years before he got together with international pop super star Gaga. 

"I don't follow my ex on social media. We were 'friends' on Facebook. Then we were 'in a relationship' on Facebook. After we broke up, I noticed I was 'blocked' on Facebook. And then we moved on," Crouse said in her article. 

"I hadn't googled him in forever (I promise). But this month I knew everything about his new relationship status, within hours of when it was disclosed." 

Crouse added that anyone who has ever Googled an ex's partner would understand the curiosity and the desire to compare yourself to the new addition to your former flame's life. 

"How do you compare yourself with Lady Gaga?" she asked. "Lady Gaga is amazing." 

In response to the news, Crouse said she went out shopping at a nice store she'd never been in before to try on something. 

"The clerk asked me what the occasion was," she said. 

"'I found out from Facebook that my ex-boyfriend was dating Lady Gaga', I told her, and she looked me up and down. The dress was too expensive, but I bought it anyway. Why should I accept less than Lady Gaga?"