Hannah Tamaki fires Jevan Goulter after 'disgusting' post about Kanoa Lloyd

Destiny Church pastor and leader of the Vision NZ political party Hannah Tamaki has fired her campaign manager Jevan Goulter after his "disgusting" attack on Kanoa Lloyd. 

During a segment on The Project on Monday night, Kanoa responded to unconfirmed rumours of Hannah Tamaki's addition to the cast of Dancing With The Stars NZ, saying her "xenophobic and homophobic" views are "properly dangerous". 

In response, Jevan used Facebook to label Kanoa a "rancid rotton [sic] stuffed pig with blood pouring out of her eyes" and said she should "show NZ what voluntary euthanasia looks like". 

In a statement released on Tuesday, Hannah said she would "never condone that disgusting language and behaviour." 

Hannah said that while she felt she and Vision NZ had been "unfairly targeted" by the media, they "in no way condone the language he used towards a woman and inferences made by Mr Goulter in his post". 

The Destiny Church pastor confirmed that Vision NZ had made the decision to terminate its arrangement with Jevan as campaign manager, effective immediately.  

Since being sacked from his role at Vision NZ, Jevan has published a video on Facebook apologising for his comments about Kanoa, which he called "unacceptable and downright disgusting". Jevan also apologised to Hannah, saying his views were not shared by her or her political party.

While Hannah has condemned Jevan's post about Kanoa, she didn't mention similar attacks made by her husband Brian.

In a since-deleted Facebook post that included a photo of Kanoa on The Project, Brian listed a series of slurs, including "booze drenched", "relationally messed up" and "venomous".

The message is yet to be deleted off his Twitter account, where he posted it with a photo of three men hunting, instead of the photo of Kanoa.

In a previous tweet, Brian said Kanoa and The Project should be "shut down".