Harvey Weinstein pressures model for hotel room massage in leaked audio

A leaked recording of Harvey Weinstein pressuring a 22-year-old model to give him a massage has been exposed after it came to light in court proceedings against him. 

In a segment on 60 Minutes, Ambra Battilana shared her experience interacting with Weinstein in 2015. 

In the audio, Weinstein promises to "mentor and teach" Battilana, who was wearing a wire provided by police after she reported him for groping her during their first meeting. 

Weinstein's caveat for helping Battilana with her career was that she "relax" with him. 

"Have fun, enjoy, you know. A massage. Something fabulous," he adds. 

"No, I'm shy," Battilana responds, before asking if she can stay at the hotel's bar. 

"No. You must come here now!" Weinstein responds. 

"Ah, please. No, I don't want to," Battilana can be heard telling the movie mogul, who then threatens her professional opportunities. 

"If you don’t trust me, then we have no reason to do anything and you will lose big opportunities," he says. 

According to news.com.au, the police investigation Battilana took part in was canned after a "smear campaign" that Battilana claims attempted to paint her as a sex worker. 

She later reached a settlement with Weinstein in which he paid US$1 million to have her sign a nondisclosure agreement and destroy the audio. 

Battilana retained a copy however and has breached the agreement twice now in an attempt to bring Weinstein to justice. 

A jury is currently deliberating in Weinstein's trial, in which he's pleaded not guilty to five counts of rape and sexual assault. 

More than 90 women have spoken out against Weinstein, sparking the #MeToo movement which peaked in 2017.