'I want to go home': MAFS AU bride Poppy breaks down, abandons groom Luke hours after wedding

One of the brides on the premiere of Married at First Sight Australia's seventh season had to be talked out of leaving her reception after breaking down at her wedding. 

Poppy Jennings left her new groom Luke Eglin alone and worried at the bridal table after she took off in tears, claiming she "wanted to go home" just hours after getting married. 

"I'm really overwhelmed by the whole thing," she told a table of her friends and family, while Luke watched on concerned. 

"I just don't know if I've made the right decision." 

Luke sensed his new bride's apprehension earlier in the day, attempting to soothe her during the couple's photoshoot. 

"It's all good," he told Poppy, who replied: "It's not" through gritted teeth. 

After the mother-of-two made a hasty exit from her seat at the reception, Luke told producers he understood Poppy's fear, but confessed that her behaviour was upsetting. 

"It's easy to get scared, it's very overwhelming, but I really don't know how to take it. It has put me in a bit of a shock," he said. 

"I know she doesn't mean to, but it is pretty hurtful," Luke continued. 

"This is a trainwreck, it feels like a trainwreck." 

Poppy tearfully told one guest she knew she was "acting like a baby", and that everyone thought she was "mental", but she was really missing her two young boys. 

After taking some time to talk to her loved ones, Poppy returned to the party, and later thanked her new husband for being supportive during her "freak out". 

Married At First Sight Australia airs on Sundays at 7pm and Monday - Wednesday at 7.30pm on Three.