Jesse Mulligan shows off his dance moves on The Project

The Project's Jesse Mulligan showed off his dance moves on Wednesday night to help prove new research that's emerged from the United Kingdom.

Researchers claim to have unlocked which dance moves are most attractive to the opposite sex, and they found the answer by using motion capture technology.

It turns out that women are attracted to men who move their upper body and take up a lot of space, and men are into exaggerated hip and leg movements.

But Mulligan thought the public needed to see a man "actually doing" the dance moves instead of watching a graphic.

As co-host Kanoa Lloyd realised what was happening, she said: "Jesse Mulligan, I swear to God don't even think about it."

But before he could be stopped, Mulligan asked for a beat and walked out centre stage to the Bee Gees' 'You Should be Dancing'.

His 20-second long routine left the panel laughing and clapping along, but host Mark Richardson said he was "a little bit repulsed" by Mulligan's moves.

But did Lloyd, as the only woman on the panel, find his dancing attractive?

With what appeared to be a hint of sarcasm, she said she's so attracted to him that "I don't know what to do with myself".