Jimmy Fallon's silent panic after fearing he had offended drag queen RuPaul

An interview in which Jimmy Fallon believes he's made a fatal faux pas by offending RuPaul has gone viral on social media. 

The Late Show host was congratulating RuPaul on making the cover of Vanity Fair, pointing out it was the "first time a drag queen has ever been put on the cover". 

Fallon's face fell as the RuPaul's Drag Race host feigned outrage in response, yelling: "A drag queen?! A DRAG QUEEN?!" 

An awkward pause followed, where it appeared the usually effervescent Fallon was frozen in a silent panic, the colour drained from his face. 

Fallon is only able to speak again once RuPaul got to his punchline: "I'm the QUEEN of DRAG!", prompting cheers from the audience. 

"I-I apologise!" Fallon replies. "I'm embarrassed, I'm sorry." 

The interview has delighted fans online, many of whom found the excruciating moment hilarious. 

"I'm still howling over Jimmy Fallon calling RuPaul a drag queen and then thinking his career was over," one tweet read. 

"We gotta thank Ru Paul for giving Jimmy Fallon that scare. He deserved it," said another. 

"That clip of Jimmy Fallon and RuPaul has got me T I C K L E D," one fan chimed in. "I love them both." 

Over on the other, more disgruntled corner of Twitter, some commentators claimed 'cancel culture' had broadcasters muzzled. 

"He literally thought he had committed cardinal sin of offending a protected class. This is authentic fear," one tweet read. 

"This is what cancel culture has done to us. We are terrified to speak."