Katy Perry collapses on American Idol set after gas leak

Katy Perry
The dramatic new clip was released ahead of it airing in the US on Sunday. Photo credit: Getty.

American Idol can be dramatic at the best of times, but it looks like a new episode is going to take the cake with pop star Katy Perry falling to the ground during a gas leak. 

A teaser for the new episode was shared by People magazine, ahead of it airing on Sunday night in the US. 

In the clip, Perry and fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie all notice the strong smell of gas in the audition room. 

"Do you guys smell gas? It's pretty intense," Perry says, leading Bryan to point out, "We're gettin' heavy propane". 

"I have a slight headache from it," Perry says. "Oh, it's bad. It's really bad."

Perry and her fellow judges are evacuated after the gas leak.
Perry and her fellow judges are evacuated after the gas leak. Photo credit: ABC.

It's then the building's fire alarms go off, and all contestants and production crew are evacuated from the building. 

As the fire department arrives in the dramatic clip, Perry says she's "not feeling good", before collapsing to the ground. 

Perry was seen falling to the ground.
Perry was seen falling to the ground. Photo credit: ABC.

Billboard reports that American Idol would not release a comment on whether Perry or anyone on the set was treated by paramedics.

We'll all have to wait for the episode to air to find out what happened - but as no reports of major health scares have come out since filming, we can assume Perry is okay. 


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