Kim Kardashian divides internet over McDonalds chicken nuggets dipped in honey

Kim Kardashian's McDonald's order.
Kim Kardashian's McDonald's order. Photo credit: McDonald's/Youtube

Kim Kardashian has outraged fans after McDonald’s exposed her favourite order - chicken nuggets dipped in honey. 

On Thursday, McDonald’s posted an ad revealing what famous people order when they pop into the fast-food restaurant.

Kim Kardashian’s consisted of a relatively normal meal; a cheeseburger, fries, a milkshake, an apricot strudel and six chicken nuggets.

But then things got weird. 

Fans spotted that located beside her six chicken nuggets was a pot of honey. 

Honey! Photo credit: McDonald's/Youtube

Yes, Kim Kardashian dips her chicken nuggets in honey. 

When the outrage started, Kim took to Twitter to defend her life choices. 

Many of her followers were rather confused. 

Others came in defence of the star - agreeing with her dipping choices. 

Kayne West apparently orders nuggets, fries and a choc thick shake, with three BBQ tangy sauces. That family definitely have a thing for condiments. 

Millie Bobby Brown’s order is all about balance; Six chicken nuggets, water and a salad.  

Keith Urban orders three coffees with his breakfast meal. Plus a chocolate thick shake on the side.