Kiwi dancer Parris Goebel behind JLo's Super Bowl halftime show moves

Shakira and JLo co-headlined this year's Super Bowl halftime show - but there was also plenty of Kiwi influence on stage.

Even though all eyes were on Jennifer Lopez, it was Kiwi choreography mastermind Parris Goebel behind her every move.

Twenty-eight-year-old Goebel watched from the side of the stage at a performance filled with many New Zealand dancers.

Among them was 22-year-old Kaea Pearce, who first performed with JLo in 2015.

"I remember her as a hard worker, she always practiced, she was very shy but when it came to performing on stage it was like she was a different person," says Annalise, Kaea's childhood dance teacher.

Shakira co-headlined the halftime show as the duo performing a medley of their greatest hits.

But off the stage and on the screen; there was no shortage of celebrity cameos in the Super Bowl commercials.

Lil Nas X took part in an 'Old Town Road' dance-off for Doritos while Cheetos enlisted some MC Hammer star power.

Bill Murray starred in a Groundhog Day remake for Jeep while Sofia Vergara came up against a flying bowl of chilli and Jason Momoa revealed a different look for Rocket Mortgage.

And among all those Hollywood stars were a group of Kiwis at the centre of this year's Super Bowl spectacle.