KJ Apa's Ellen show debut: Kiwi star gets a fright from someone close to him.

Kiwi actor and Riverdale star Kj Apa had the living daylights scared out of him when he appeared as a guest on Ellen DeGeneres' show on Tuesday.

It was KJ Apa's first time on the Ellen Degeneres Show and the pair were discussing the 22-year-old's accent which sparked the debate on which country is better - New Zealand or Australia?

"It can be a shock to people sometimes, a lot of people think I'm from Australia," said Apa.

"Well, it's a very close accent," noted Ellen.

But Ellen's association of New Zealanders with Australians got shut down quite quickly by Apa.

"Yeah, but two very different places, very different - all the time at least once a day I get mistaken to be Australian," said the former Shortland Street actor.

"You sound like you're angry about that? Like that's a competition, like you like New Zealand better than Australian," said Ellen.

Apa quickly concluded that this was in fact the case.

"Although I would love to go to New Zealand it seems like a beautiful country," said Ellen.

"It is, it's the most beautiful place on earth," said Apa. "And nothing can kill you there!"

"That is not true, there are things that can kill you anywhere you go," said Ellen.

"No," said Apa, and shook his head.

And you can't go on The Ellen Show without getting a scare. Amid all the banter - just as Apa was looking very relaxed - Ellen gave him the fright of his life.

His Riverdale character, Archie, suddenly jumped out of the coffee table beside him.

The star shrieked and jumped up out of his chair - nearly spilling his drink all over him.

"He's lucky I didn't give him one!", warned Apa.

Earlier in the show, Ellen revealed the very cheeky Happy Birthday video (censored version) Apa sent to her, standing naked on his apartment's balcony.

"I really hope we can meet one of these days and hope you have a really special day," he said in the video with his reflection appearing in the background.

"In my mind, I was thinking, I didn't just want to do a normal video," explained Apa.

"And I was FaceTiming my friend, and I looked at my reflection and I saw my ass and I was like perfect, Ellen! I should do this for Ellen!"

"That's when most people think about me when they're outside on their balcony naked," said Ellen.