Lizzo, Harry Styles and tequila: This 20 second clip from the BRIT awards has fans losing it

A star-studded and booze-soaked clip from the BRIT awards is making the rounds online after host Jack Whitehall inadvertently orchestrated an iconic moment. 

Whitehall was interviewing One Direction star Harry Styles when he commandeered his drink to cheers with. 

"What is this, apple juice?" Whitehall said as he took a sip, followed quickly by: "Oh God, that's tequila!"  

"That is literally neat tequila. He [Styles] has gone off the rails!" 

"Seriously, Lizzo," he continues, turning to the 'Good As Hell' hitmaker, seated behind him. Without hesitation, Lizzo grabs the glass and sculls back the entire lot. This sends the crowd and surrounding celebrities into a frenzy, at which point Whitehall accidentally knocks over a glass of red wine. 

Neither Whitehall nor Styles notices the spill - until Styles returns to his seat and discovers it is covered in vino. 

The hilarious moment has been dubbed "the best part of the night" by delighted fans.

Big winners at the 2020 BRIT Awards were Billie Eilish, Lewis Capaldi, Stormzy, Mabel, Foals and Tyler the Creator.