Oscars 2020: Joker fans express furious rage at Parasite's triumph

Korean thriller Parasite's historic success at the 92nd Academy Awards has been widely celebrated, but some Joker fans are very upset about it.

Passionate devotees of the Joaquin Phoenix-starring Batman spinoff have taken to social media to express furious rage over the Oscars results.

Bong Joon Ho's film won four Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay - the latest in its staggeringly long list of honours that started with the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

Among the Joker fanboys distraught by the film's success is YouTuber Robert Storms, who posted a video online yelling about what he labels the "full f**king woke" Oscars results.

"I don't know what Parasite is, I don't give a shit... it's a god damn foreign film," rages Storms.

"Out of everybody in the United States of motherf**king America, how many people actually f**king seen Parasite?"

He goes on to ask what is "more important to our culture" than Joker, citing the "serious social problems" the film addresses. 

"[It's about] how people in high places look down and frown upon the poor, the poverty, the people with mental illness - how we need to take this more serious (sic)." 

Parasite is a film about class discrimination that centres on a wealthy family looking down and frowning upon a poor, poverty-stricken family.

Storms angrily claims that Parasite's winning Best International Film should disqualify it from winning the primary Best Picture award. In giving examples of movies that he feels aren't "foreign" and should have won the top gong instead, he includes 1917 - which is a British film, not an American one.

His outrage is being mocked online, with a Bong Joon Ho fan account tweeting a subtitled snippet of his video and quickly amassing thousands of humorous comments and tens of thousands of likes.

Warning: The following embedded media contains uncensored swearing.

But Storms is far from alone as a Joker fan mad at Parasite's triumph.

"The Joker gets robbed. Bring Batman to help," one replied to a tweet about Parasite's success.

"Parasite was Best Foreign, why Best Movie? A movie nobody has watched," added another.

Parasite is currently playing in select New Zealand cinemas.