Paris Hilton, Ryan Reynolds, more weigh in on Taika Waititi's 'vulgar' Instagram post

Taika Waititi has re-posted a photo of himself after Instagram apparently removed it - and the comments section is already full of responses from fellow celebrities. 

The offending snap shows Waititi holding up a crumpled up picture of himself while he clutches his Oscar with his right hand and what some might interpret to be an intimate part of his anatomy with his left. 

"Instagram took this picture down because... Umm... Well... the thing is.. OK I have no idea," he captioned the photo. 

"It's a picture of me holding a picture of me. And no, that's not my crotch." 

The JoJo Rabbit filmmaker received a lot of feedback from some well known names, including Ryan Reynolds, Paris Hilton, Zelda Williams and Olivia Wilde. 

Deadpool star Reynolds called the snap "vulgar", while it went down a treat with heiress Hilton, who simply replied with a fire emoji. 

Olivia Wilde said the portrait was "obscene" and added: "My virgin eyes! How dare you."

Kiwi actor Beulah Koale, who stars in the Hawaii Five-0 reboot, said he was a "sinner" for merely looking at the image. 

At the time of writing, Waititi's post has been active for three hours - whether or not it will stay on the platform remains to be seen.