Patrick Gower goes backstage at Six60

Patrick Gower caught up with Six60 backstage at their sold-out Western Springs concert on Saturday night.

Gower attended the event for The Project where he chatted with members of the band before their performance and hung out with Israel Adesanya.

One of the most memorable moments of the night was their song 'Roots' where the Ngā Tūmanako kapa haka group performed beside them while they sang in Māori.

The band's bassist Chris Mac said: "It's honestly the most special thing in the world".

"I feel like there's a part of New Zealand culture that's never been represented on a large stage," he told Gower.

"And when that happens I feel like everyone goes this is it, this is where it's at, this is where New Zealand culture should exist."

More than 50,000 people packed into Western Springs arena to watch the well-known band perform on the weekend.