Patrick Gower lashes out at Brian Tamaki over race comments

Patrick Gower slammed Brian Tamaki for his race comments, saying it was a "such a dick move," by the controversial bishop.  

Brian Tamaki delivered a speech on Waitangi Day where he described immigrants as "parasites" and said Māori and Pākehā are becoming refugees in New Zealand.

Gower labelled Tamaki a 'bad Kiwi' during his segment 'Kiwis of New Zealand' on The Project on Friday.

The co-host proceeded to accuse Tamaki of plagiarism, comparing the Destiny Church leader to British media personality Katie Hopkins.

"Brian Tamaki's hate isn't even original," Gower said.

"I can just see him and his wife Hannah googling for an insult and finding what Britain's Katie Hopkins has just spewed."

Hopkins was criticised for her column in The Sun tabloid where she wrote: "make no mistake these migrants are cockroaches."

"Brian Tamaki made New Zealand out to be some kind of immigration hell hole...calling immigrants termites and parasites that totally consume the host," Gower said.

"Such a dick move bro.

"Enough is enough Brian Tamaki."