Queen 'devastated' as Peter Phillips, Autumn to split after years of marriage - report

The British royal family is potentially facing another crisis after it was reported the Queen's grandson, Peter Phillips, is about to separate from his wife, who may follow Harry and Meghan to Canada.

The Sun's executive editor Dan Wootton - the Kiwi who accurately broke the original Megxit story - reports that Peter, the son of Princess Anne, is about to split with his wife of 12 years, Autumn. It's said the decision was Autumn's and that Peter is "devastated".

"He thought he was happily married and had the perfect family with two lovely daughters. But he is now in total shock," a source, described as a "pal" of the couple, told The Sun.

"Autumn is a wonderful wife and mother and a very intelligent woman but she's been telling her friends for some time that there were issues.

"She is a favourite of the Queen and I'm sure Her Majesty will be very upset by this as well."

Peter is also said to be a "favourite" of the Queen's, according to a senior royal source.

"The Queen must wonder what she has done to deserve this."

The Sun reports the Queen is "devastated".

Adding to the potential crisis is the fact Autumn was born in Canada, meaning her two children with Peter could have Canadian citizenship. Friends of the pair are worried the mother intends to move back to her home. 

"Maybe she has been influenced by Harry and Meghan's departure. Perhaps she thought if that can happen then I can leave as well? That might be unfair on her but you have to consider it."

Prince Harry and Meghan have decided to split their time between the United Kingdom and North America as they step back from their roles as senior royals. That decision by the pair sparked an unprecedented disaster for the royal family due to the lack of consultation key figures had about the move. 

Peter met Autumn at the 2003 Canadian Grand Prix and they were married in 2008 at Windsor Castle. Peter, who is 15th in line to the Crown, most recently courted attention when he appeared in a Chinese milk company's advertisement.