'Revolting' post about Kanoa Lloyd by Destiny Church PR man Jevan Goulter removed by Facebook

A post by the campaign manager for Vision New Zealand Jevan Goulter targeting The Project NZ host Kanoa Lloyd has been removed by Facebook

Jevan, who has also acted as a spokesperson for Destiny Church, used Facebook to label Kanoa a "rancid rotton [sic] stuffed pig with blood pouring out of her eyes" and said she should "show NZ what voluntary euthanasia looks like". 

He launched the attack after Kanoa spoke out against the possibility of Destiny Church and Vision New Zealand leader Hannah Tamaki appearing on Dancing With The Stars NZ later this year. 

During a segment on The Project on Monday night, Kanoa responded to unconfirmed rumours of Hannah's addition to the cast, saying her "xenophobic and homophobic" views are "properly dangerous". 

"Please don't bring that stuff to my place of work, to our place of work. And please don't make her a hero in New Zealand's living rooms," Kanoa said. 

Jevan's post about Kanoa has been slammed as "despicable, disgusting and disgraceful" online, leaving many social media commentators horrified. 

"How do people think like this? Is he well?" one Twitter user asked. 

"Reported and blocked on FB now. Revolting people," said another. 

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki, who is Hannah's husband, also chimed in online, tweeting that Kanoa and The Project should be "shut down". 

On Tuesday morning, director of Auckland Pride Festival Max Tweedie tweeted that Facebook had removed Jevan's post after it had been reported by him with a screenshot as proof. 

'Revolting' post about Kanoa Lloyd by Destiny Church PR man Jevan Goulter removed by Facebook
Photo credit: Twitter/Max Tweedie

Jevan has previously come under fire for expressing anti-Muslim sentiments on Facebook. A flashy video of his 30th birthday party uploaded by him in 2018 shows New Zealand First MP Shane Jones and Maori Party co-leader and former Dancing With The Stars NZ star Marama Fox in attendance. 

Neither MediaWorks nor Hannah have confirmed rumours of her appearance on the reality TV ballroom dancing show. 

Destiny Church is infamous for its extreme views, including Brian declaring that the fatal 2011 Christchurch earthquake was caused by gay people.

Following last year's March 15 mosque shootings in Christchurch, Destiny Church members demonstrated outside Al Noor Mosque, saying they were trying to "reclaim Christchurch in the name of Jesus".

More recently, Brian described immigrants as "parasites" at a political rally.