Shirtless Patrick Gower shows off his dive-bomb skills at Waitangi

A shirtless Patrick Gower showed off his dive-bomb skills on The Project on Wednesday.

During a live cross to Waitangi, a group of five people did a "bomb chain" off the bridge.

While Gower didn't show off his diving skills live, he videoed himself earlier in the day "joining in with the youngsters" and diving off the bridge.

"I think bombs is a real part of being a Kiwi," he said.

The Project co-host Jeremy Corbett seemed rather pleased with Gower's dive, giving him a compliment of "good bomb".

Gower said one person there gave him a seven out of 10 for his bomb, but later bumped it up to a 10 because he's a "GC".

He was visibly stoked to receive full marks, saying he was "pretty happy" with his efforts.

Watch the video above to see the sweet bomb for yourself.