Tattooed, twerking MAFS AU bride Hayley horrifies conservative in-laws

Loud and heavily tattooed, Married At First Sight Australia bride Hayley Vernon prompted outrage from her new conservative Christian in-laws, who were "very disappointed" with their son's reality TV wedding. 

The parents of groom David Cannon were less than impressed with Hayley's twerking, swearing and rapping at the wedding reception, where they couldn't mask their outrage. 

"I don't know if she's the right style of woman for David," dad Kelvin told producers. 

"I think David probably needs a girl [with] a personality a little more like mine, that's a little bit more sedate." 

David's mother Michelle shook her head and appeared to blink back tears from her seat at the reception, immune to any attempts at reassurance from her son. 

"Just letting you know, she's upset," David's father told him. 

"I can clearly see that," the groom replied. 

Michelle complained that her energetic new daughter-in-law went from "zero to ten, with nothing in between". 

David's parents had been unhappy with the marriage arrangements from the get-go, telling him they were "disappointed" with his decision to marry a stranger when he first broke the news. 

"You know your dad and I have got Christian values, and you've been baptised," Michelle told David. 

The couple, who's son described them as "very 1950s", told producers one of their biggest concerns would be whether David's new bride would agree to be a stay-at-home-mum. 

Meanwhile, Hayley appeared oblivious to any misgivings from David's family, instead telling producers she was hopeful her new father-in-law would understand her past battles with substance abuse because of his work as a police officer. 

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