'Wild' Kiwi women take on South African jungle in Naked and Afraid TV show

Being asked to survive in the African wilderness for three weeks is a tough enough challenge - let alone doing it naked. 

But that's exactly what the Waiuku Wild Twins did, the first-ever Kiwis to be featured on the popular United States TV show, Naked and Afraid. 

It's taking naturism to another level. Twenty-one days in the South African jungle with not even the clothes on their backs. 

"A lot of this you just could not prepare for. One of the big things was the whole nakedness, that was something we could not prepare for," says Amber Shine.

Amber and Serena Shine are well acquainted with the New Zealand outdoors, regularly posting on their social media page The Wild Twins.

It was that enthusiasm that got them noticed by the Discovery Channel show Naked and Afraid. 

"It didn't quite sink in how big this was but yeah, in hindsight it was definitely the most extreme adventure challenge," says Serena.

Contestants are dropped in the wilderness with nothing to survive except a tool of their choice, a bag and a pot. 

"Starting to hear birds mate, birds means we're getting close to the water hole."

Their priorities were evident from the very first day.

"Woo, water! We made it. I am absolutely dying of thirst."

And their challenges too. 

"There was a lot of wild animals, lions, elephants, rhinos," says Serena.

The women say they are very grateful to have done the challenge together, especially when the situation got very real.

"Did you ever think you were going to die?" Newshub asks.

"That thought crossed our mind a couple of times," says Amber.

The pair is staying tight-lipped on whether they completed the full three weeks. 

"We gave it a good go, I think we made Kiwis proud," says Amber.

The show premieres in the US on Sunday and will air in New Zealand mid-year.