Andrew Little: 'Show us your fluffy bubble'

If you're in need of a smile on your dial then have no fear, Livin' In Lockdown is here!

From parodies and dance videos to music mashups and inspirational moment captured on camera. 

People around the world have been creating funny videos to combat all that doom and gloom.

Have a home video you think will lift people's spirits? 

Caught something on camera that has you in stitches?

All you need to do is send it to or contact our resident 'positive vibes' correspondent  Aziz Al Sa'afin (@Azizle) and you might earn yourself a feature on The AM Show.

In today's isolation diaries, sports commentator Nick Heath has no live sport to commentate so he's commentating life, you can now party with Rihanna, Oprah, and other A-list celebs club quarantine, and Andrew Little's message to you, 'show us your fluffy bubble.'

Watch the video.