Coronavirus: Italian resident DJs from balcony to lift neighbours' morale

As Italy battles through an unprecedented, nationwide lockdown amid the country's COVID-19 crisis, residents are devising creative ways to lift people's spirits.

In one neighbourhood, an unidentified man has been filmed DJing on his balcony to raise the morale of locals in lockdown. 

The video footage has been widely shared on social media, with one version of the clip amassing more than 2.8 million views and 92,000 shares in less than two days. 

"Hehe, and the party goes on... COVID-19 in Italy," Facebook user Qayum Khan captioned the clip, which subsequently went viral. 

The DJ also appears to have a sense of humour, picking the popular nineties EDM track 'The Rhythm of the Night' by Italian Eurodance band, Corona.

A number of neighbours are seen watching the spectacle from their opposite balconies as the man emcees through a microphone.

Several other videos have emerged of Italian residents using music as a unifying force amid the turmoil, many opting to perform from their balconies to entertain locals.

According to Johns Hopkins University's live COVID-19 case tracker, more than 2150 people have died from the virus in Italy. The country has the second-highest number of confirmed cases worldwide, the total standing at more than 27,900 as of Tuesday (NZ time). Approximately 2740 people have reportedly recovered.