Coronavirus: The Wiggles release 'Social Distancing' song for kids in a COVID-19 world

The Wiggles have released a new song to help kids understand why they can't go and see their nana or invite a friend over during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The beloved children's entertainers tackle the term 'social distancing' in their track of the same name, complete with an arms-out dance move that demonstrates the 2m rule. 

In the accompanying music video, Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins also plays the role of a grandmother who is sad she's stuck at home alone. 

"Why can't we go to nana's place?" the lyrics ask. "We're staying at home to keep Nana safe." 

"What can we do to make her feel better?" the song continues. "Video call or write her a letter." 

The song also covers the importance of handwashing, urging children to get rid of germs by washing their hands "many times a day" to "become a handwashing hero". 

The Wiggles use smartphones in the music video to reassure kids they can still keep in touch with friends and family by having a "video party". 

"We can see our friends at home/Sing and dance and have some fun/We are never on our own," the lyrics say. 

The chorus of the song highlights social distancing as a way to "help the world" and "keep safe all the boys and girls". 

In the caption of The Wiggles' YouTube clip, the all-singing, all-dancing four-piece says they're "here to help". 

"The importance of staying home and social distancing doesn't have to be a scary conversation."