Donald Trump fans blast 'rude and mean' Gordon Ramsay for refusing to cook for him

Supporters of Donald Trump have been left outraged after celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay revealed he rejected an offer to cook for the US president. 

According to the Daily Record, Ramsay said "thank you but no thank you" to an invitation to prepare a banquet during an official visit to the UK earlier this year. 

In response, Trump supporters have slammed the silver-tongued chef online, calling him a "f**king idiot" for turning down the opportunity. 

"This guy is rude and mean," wrote one Facebook user.

"Why would the president or any president want him at the White House? I wouldn't want this foul mouth at my home."

Trump is infamous for using coarse language himself, both before and after he became US president. There are easily found videos online of the former Celebrity Apprentice host using the C-word and F-word, along with the notorious audio of him bragging about grabbing women by their genitals.

But it's not just Ramsay's language Trump fans have lashed out at. Another upset commenter attacked his culinary skills, saying: "Chef Ramsey [sic] refuses to cook a steak passed [sic] medium-rare."

"So he will never cook for me I will not eat his trashy raw meat. He does have the right to refuse to serve any but that should also be with a good reason."

Some three years ago, Ramsay proclaimed he would like to cook dinner for Trump's then-political rival, Hilary Clinton. 

One self-proclaimed chef and "anti-feminist" on Twitter wrote of Ramsay: "Such a shame and disappointment". 

"I still respect his status as a chef, but as a person.. I just can't anymore... anyone who believes Hillary is a more worthy person to serve food to than our great president, or anyone for that matter, is a f**king idiot." 

Meanwhile, some fans of the Kitchen Nightmares star have praised the decision, claiming Trump would "rather have McDonald's than have a gourmet meal made by a world-class chef". 

"I knew I liked his foul mouth for more than one reason," one tweet read. 

Last week, reports surfaced claiming Trump had cauliflower hidden in his mashed potatoes according to the doctor who used to be charged with his health.