Kylie Jenner defends her 'weird toe' after eagle-eyed fans critique photo shoot

Kylie Jenner has made a video about her toe, claiming she has "cute ass feet" after fans noticed something strange about one of her digits in a recent photo shoot. 

The makeup mogul shared a series of bikini snaps with her sister Kendall, but it appears her followers were more interested in her feet than her new togs. 

The images have been liked more than 7.2 million times, and the comments section is filled with toe-related questions, particularly focused on Kylie's middle toe on her right foot, which appears much smaller than the others. 

"So nobody gone [sic] notice her short toe?" one fan asked. 

"What happened to ur middle toe [sic]?" questioned another.  

"Why her toes throwing gang signs tho," a third pondered. 

In response, Kylie promptly made a bare-foot Instagram video addressing the issue, explaining that she once broke her toe in middle school. 

"OK so everybody wants to come for my f**king toes. By the way, I have cute ass feet!" she said. 

"There's nothing you can do for a broken toe - you just have to let it heal how it wanted to heal. 

"Then I flex this up," she added, stretching her foot, "this little guy is out of place!"

Kylie's supermodel sister Kendall didn't escape the foot scrutiny either. This time it was her overly long toe that caught fan's attention. 

"Kendall has tingers - toes that look like fingers," one fan wrote. 

Kylie even highlighted her sister's lengthy toe in her Instagram story in an attempt to deflect from her own shortcomings.

"I'm sorry but wuttt [sic]," she captioned a close up of Kendall's foot.