MAFS AU bride Aleks Markovic's rule-breaking Instagram video rant removed

Married At First Sight Australia bride Aleks Markovic has reportedly had an Instagram video removed after defying the show's producers with a message to viewers. 

According to the Daily Mail, the reality TV personality sent a "big f**k you" to her haters in a video that was reportedly removed by Nine Network's social media team. 

"Hi guys, I know this is going to get taken down super quick, but for any of you that do see it, who have been inboxing me supportive messages, I really appreciate it. It's the reason I smile," Markovic said in the video, which was obtained by the Daily Mail before it's removal. 

"I haven't seen tonight's or yesterday's episodes, mentally I can't deal with it. For the trolls, haters and people that think they can call me nasty names and give me death threats, a big f**k you," she said, pulling the middle finger at the camera. 

"You need help and you need to sort that out quick," she added. 

"It's not okay to bully, put someone down or make someone feel like shit when you've never met that person in your whole life. Peace and love to anyone who has sent me supportive messages. 

"I appreciate you all seeing the real truth - and that's me."

Markovic was matched with Ivan Sarakula on the series, who reportedly left his job at a top Sydney real estate agency over his appearance on the show.

Married At First Sight Australia airs on Sundays at 7pm and Monday - Wednesday at 7.30pm on Three, with the episodes also available on ThreeNow.