'Michael Jackson's ghost trip her': 50 Cent mocks Oprah's fall

Outspoken rapper 50 Cent has made a bizarre joke about a tumble Oprah Winfrey took on stage over the weekend, speculating she was tripped by the ghost of Michael Jackson. 

Footage of Oprah wobbling on her high heels before hitting the deck during a speech about wellness and balance went viral. The talk show host made light of the situation herself, telling the crowd: "Wrong shoes!", and now it seems 50 Cent also wants in on the gag. 

"What the f**k happen here," he captioned the clip, along with a facepalm and laughing emoji. 

"Michael Jackson's ghost trip her." 

The 'In Da Club' rapper seems to be running with a comparison many others have made online between Oprah's fall and Jackson's iconic dance moves. 

Last week, 50 Cent made another joke on Instagram, with what many deemed to be an offensive meme about Dwyane Wade's trans daughter. 

Posting an image of Wade and disgraced R&B singer R Kelly together at a fashion show, 50 Cent added a speech bubble assigned to the 'Ignition' hitmaker who is acussed of multiple sex crimes against minors that read: "Heard you had a daughter now?" 

The post appears to have been removed after the comments section was flooded with horrified comments admonishing the rapper.