New Zealand film industry feels the hit of COVID-19

Entertainment industry professionals are feeling the pinch as COVID-19 coronavirus shuts down productions worldwide.

Netflix, Warner Bros and Disney have all cancelled their productions due to keeping their village-sized crews out of the way of coronavirus, and the New Zealand film industry has also been impacted.

Film producer Kerry Warkia spoke to The Project where she says her most recent project, The Legend of Baron To'a was released in Australian cinemas in March but failed to find audiences.

"COVID[-19] kind of hit and everything shut down, so our film opened to no one," she said.

Other workers have been left with no jobs as productions shut their doors due to the pandemic.

Scenic artist John Cruickshanks said: "I guess it's affected me in the way that all of the up and coming jobs I thought I was going to have or had been offered, don't exist anymore".

The New Zealand filmmaking industry has also taken a big hit with the production of the next three Avatar movies suspended.

The hosts of The Project talk to the film's executive producer John Landau.