Penguins, princesses and weed: The ridiculous clues Prince Harry missed in alleged prank call

More information about the alleged prank call on Prince Harry pulled by Russian hoaxers has come to light, revealing the bizarre statements made by the pranksters that Harry apparently didn't pick up on. 

The Duke of Sussex, who is said to have believed he was speaking to climate change activist Greta Thunberg, appears to have been duped into revealing intimate details about his decision to leave the royal family and was recorded slamming "sick" world leaders such as Donald Trump. 

No longer shielded by the Buckingham Palace switchboard, the pranksters were reportedly able to reach Harry on his landline at his Vancouver Island mansion - not once, but two times. 

Audio recordings of the pranks calls have been taken down as rights to them have been sold to tabloid media, the pranksters say, but some clips have been ripped and re uploaded to YouTube. 

According to the Guardian, Harry allegedly failed to spot he was being tricked even when the notorious hoaxers made outrageous claims. 

When told by a fake Thunberg and her father that they had 50 penguins that needed transporting from Belarus to the North Pole - despite penguins being native to the South Pole - Harry apparently suggested a friend who is a polar guide there. 

"He may be able to help you, he knows all the right people." 

The pranksters were said to have also suggested Harry might become the head of a new monarchy in Russia, to which he replied: "Well, there you go, maybe that's our new purpose, to be able to take over Russia". 

Harry was reportedly convinced mining companies connected to Trump were exploiting a made-up island called Chunga-Changa. Harry allegedly said Trump had "blood on his hands" during one of the prank calls. 

The fake Thunberg apparently asked Harry if he could help her marry into the royal family, prompting the prince to respond that "marrying a prince or princess is not all it's made up to be". 

Other subjects reportedly floated by the hoaxers included the concept of Harry "smoking weed" with hippies on Thunberg's boat, and joining forces with Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie to form a "Stars Save the Earth" organisation. 

Neither Harry nor the rest of the royal family have officially commented on the situation.