'Please don't do it': Kiwi MAFS bride pleads for kindness after troll causes panic attack at gym

Married At First Sight NZ bride Carmen Stimpson has shared the negative effects of cyberbullying in a tearful video published after an online comment triggered a public panic attack. 

Stimpson uploaded the emotional footage to her Instagram Story, explaining that she had to leave the gym early after someone commented "something horrible" on one of her photos. 

"I'm just going to be super real for a second. I just had to leave the gym early because I just had a panic attack," the 26-year-old told the camera from inside her car. 

Stimpson said it was the third panic attack she had ever suffered in her life. 

Listen to MAFS NZ bride Vicky Fuller spill everything about being on the show in this episode of The Snack: 

"I only ever started getting them after being on TV from people commenting horrible things on my photos, which is why I had this one, someone just commented something really horrible." 

The pastry chef implored social media users to refrain from writing nasty responses to people's content online. 

"If you ever think about commenting something horrible on someone's photo just imagine that person being your mum or your sister or someone you love," she said through tears.

"Just please don't do it, it's really horrible to receive." 

Stimpson was matched with James Hardy on Married At First Sight NZ 2019, and the pair are the only couple from the show to remain together. 

Hardy received backlash last year after an episode in which he used the word "slut" five times while referring to fellow contestant Vicky Fuller.