Review: The Invisible Man delivers plenty of frights

The Invisible Man has appeared and disappeared from the big screen for decades and now he's back for a new generation of horror lovers.

Someone please send Elizabeth Moss a screenplay for a rom-com. After Top of the Lake, The Handmaid's Tale and horror film Us surely this woman needs a hug and lie down.

But first she must face her demons if she can see him in The Invisible Man.

Riffing on the invisible bad guy of films gone by, this twisting of the tale with Moss front and centre as a woman trapped in an abusive relationship is potently relevant.

Weaving in and out is the tried and true cinematic notion of insanity and paranoia, but when it's told through the prism of trauma and domestic abuse that notion is amplified and very effective.

The story itself is simply told and while there are a few clunky lines and tropes on show the scares are an equal mix of squeal, giggle and gasp.

I am usually the last person to sign up for scary movies but increasingly I find they are often blessed with really cracking performances and in some cases really interesting scripts.

Elizabeth Moss owns this film and while it's fair to say it takes very little to give me a fright - this delivered me plenty!

Four stars.