Self-isolating alone? Here's six of the loneliest movies ever to watch by yourself

When you're self-isolating all by yourself you might think you're as lonely as humanly possible - but these films prove you could have it worse.

As New Zealand endures the COVID-19 alert level 4 lockdown, many Kiwis are getting into binge-watching. But what should you watch? Newshub is here to help.

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In this edition, I've put together six of the loneliest movies ever to watch and relate to while self-isolating.

Cast Away.
Photo credit: DreamWorks Pictures

Cast Away

Have you made friends with a volleyball yet? No? Good. No one should ever be that lame. But Tom Hanks is so endearing, even that dorky move is loveable in this tale of him stuck on a deserted island. It's spawned dozens of memes and if you light a fire while self-isolating, you're 100 percent going to be acting out the fire-lighting scene. This is one of the best uses of Tom Hanks ever and in my personal top five of his along with Big, Saving Private Ryan, Bachelor Party and Philadelphia
Where to stream: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video


Mads Mikkelson in Arctic.
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Self-isolating at home is hard enough, but at least many of us have electricity. And the internet. And a bed. And food. Pretty much everything we need to not only survive but to do so in luxurious comfort. That's not the case for Mads Mikkelson in this 2018 survival drama that starts with him living in a plane wreck in the Arctic, hoping for a rescue. It's a solid watch, especially for the ingenuity and resourcefulness shown by the protagonist. Oh, and don't get Arctic confused with Polar, a different Mads Mikkelson film that came out some months later. 
Where to stream: Neon


Photo credit: Warner Bros


Being all alone in your home is one thing - but being all alone in space is infinitely worse. My personal favourite movie on this list is Alfonso Cuarón's 2013 masterpiece. It follows Sandra Bullock as her space shuttle gets destroyed in orbit and she's forced to fight her way back to Earth. It's a testament to the magic and power of modern visual effects, helped enormously by a stellar lead performance. She goes through some extremely intense stuff to save just herself. Meanwhile, all we have to do to help save thousands is simply chill at home for a month or so.
Where to stream: Hire from Google / Apple / Microsoft 

All is Lost.
Photo credit: FilmNation Entertainment

All is Lost

A lot of people seem to have overlooked this 2014 movie that features an almost entirely wordless Robert Redford battling the elements on a boat lost at sea. It's not the screen legend's best ever work, but well worth a watch. Like all of these lone survivor movies, the problems the main character faces and how he overcomes them really put into perspective my current lockdown problems. I gave up on baking a cake without flour way quicker than Robert Redford gives up on conjuring something to turn saltwater into fresh water in All is Lost.
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127 Hours.
Photo credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

127 Hours

Being trapped at home sucks, but being trapped between two massive rocks in a canyon is way worse. And no matter what the COVID-19 alert level 4 lockdown inflicts on us all mentally, nobody's about to cut their own arm off to get through it. I hope. This Danny Boyle film stars James Franco as Aron Ralston, an American canyoneer who literally hacked off his own arm to survive. In real life. This got loads of awards buzz including six Oscar nominations for good reason - it's a fantastic watch.
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Sam Rockwell in Moon.
Photo credit: Sony Pictures Classics


Another lone protagonist in space flick that works well with Gravity, but this one is more classic science-fiction than survival drama. It's still super lonely though. It's the very smart debut feature from Duncan Jones and remains his best film yet. Moon stars Sam Rockwell as a bloke approaching the end of a three-year mining contract on the moon. He's looking forward to ending his self-isolation and heading back to Earth to catch up with all his loved ones, but then mysterious, spooky stuff starts to happen... To say any more would be to spoil.

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